Viral Voyager

Viral Voyager is a website that shows a large-scale mapping of analysed metaviriome data collected from the Tara Oceans Project.

The Tara Oceans Project collected water samples data worldwide for shotgun metagenomic sequencing, and this data was then mapped to metabolomic pathways.

Users can play, explore, and download the genome dataset to gain understanding into the microscopic life living in Earths oceans. Explore the interactive map of samples, some example summaries, or download the data!

299 size-fractioned water samples were collected. Viral and bacterial DNA sequences were then aligned with BLAST and and associated to a biological pathway that is likely to be regulated by each viral DNA sequence using MetaPathways v2.5, Pathway Tools and the MetaCyc hierarchy. This dataset currently has 1050 different pathways that fall into 61 subcategories, which can be further organized into nine categories:

  1. Biosynthesis
  2. Energy-Metabolism
  3. Degradation
  4. Detoxification
  5. Macromolecule Modification
  6. Activation-Inactivation-Interconversion
  7. Generation of Precursor Metabolites and Energy
  8. Super-Pathways
  9. Metabolic-Clusters

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Steven Hallam email: phone: 604-827-3420.

Hackseq team leader: Arjun Baghela email:

Hallam Lab on Twitter

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Hackseq 2018

Map of Viral Metabolic Pathways


Sample Information

Future Directions

In the future, Virus Voyager will update and integrate data sets and become the platform for global ocean biomes for both researchers and general audiences. These datasets can be found on MGnify’s website: We will also explore more interactive and user friendly analytical functions utilizing the existing vast Tara ocean virus data set. We will look to complete a well documented manual script.

Meet the Team

Arjun Baghela

B. Ogan Mancarci

Dan Dan Fornika
Kristen Gray

Olga Solodova

Javier J. Castillo Arnemann
Jasmine Lai
Tony Shen
Heather Van Tassel

Amy Zheng
Kevin Lam