The minimal example


This is a sample adventure to demonstrate and test the feature set of 5eSoloSystem.

Create 2 level 1 characters for this adventure

  • {{\addpc}}
  • {{\addpc}}
  • {{Open the door|The Room}}
  • {{The Room}}

The Room

There is a chest in this room.

If you want to check for traps, roll an investigation check (DC 15)

{{\investigation:group,15}} {{\investigation:best,15}} {{\investigation:best}} {{\investigation}} {{\investigation:15}} {{\investigation:all}}

If you passed {{click here|Invest Pass:appendhere}}

If you failed {{click here|Invest Fail:appendhere}}

Invest Pass

You noticed a friendly character hiding behind a bush.

{{\addpc:Tim}} {{Continue:append}}

Invest Fail

Nothing to see here



Oh no baddies!



{{\encounter:tile.png}} {{\monster:Goblin,15,15}} {{\monster:Goblin,15,30}} {{\placeParty:20,20}}

{{Stat blocks}}